Triple Play Program

Triple Play Program

The Triple Play program leverages Ohio's campaign finance law 
that allows individuals to take up to a $50 tax credit 
($100 on joint returns) for contributions made to the campaigns 
of state office holders.

All a NAIFA-Ohio member has to do is send a copy of his canceled 
campaign contribution check to NAIFA-Ohio PAC and 
NAIFA-Ohio PAC will make a matching contribution to the 
candidate for state office. 

Since the contributor would otherwise be paying the $50 or $100 
in state taxes, his contribution doesn't cost him a thing and 
NAIFA-Ohio PAC will match his contribution making it worth 
$100 or $200 to the candidate for state office. 

Eligible candidates for state office include the office of governor, 
lieutenant governor, secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, 
attorney general, chief justice and justice of the Ohio Supreme 
Court, the state board of election and all state representatives 
and senators.

Send your favorite candidate a campaign contribution today.  
Then send the canceled check to the NAIFA-Ohio PAC office and 
we'll send that candidate a matching check with a letter telling 
him/her that you're responsible for it!