NAIFA Cleveland Webinar – Value Enhancing Your Business

April 30, 2020   |   9:00 am
9:00AM  Welcome, Announcements & Presentation
10:00AM  Adjourn
Value Enhancing Your Business
This special program is for business owners & their advisors
Presenter: Amy Wirtz, Family & Business Success
Program Description
Most business owners have a general idea of what they think their business is worth. Yet, how many know how much an outsider may value the business and why does it matter? What are the benefits of an owner focusing on the value of their business? This is an introduction to the five steps of value enhancement.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify the reasons why having a constant view of the value of their business is a best business practice
  • Define what is a Lifestyle Business
  • Articulate the various inside transfer options & outside transfer options
  • Define the intangible aspects of a business value

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