NAIFA Live- The Financial & Economic Burdens Of The Opioid Epidemic On MainstreetUSA

March 12, 2020   |   2:00 pm

The Financial & Economic Burdens of the Opioid Epidemic on MainStreetUSA

As the staggering numbers of opioid addiction, overdoses & deaths continue to escalate…so does the threat on the economy, careers, family finances and retirement dreams. Last year, drug overdose was the leading cause of death of Americans under the age of 50.  As we face the worst drug crisis in American history, there’s a high probability that you or your clients have already been touched by this epidemic. Protecting your client’s assets goes far beyond insurance, investments and tax-saving strategies. Are you prepared to guide your clients through this unforgiving battle? Can you identify a client who is struggling or who is being financially exploited by a loved one struggling with addiction? Will you know what questions to ask or resources to offer.

After losing her husband to accidental overdose Cheryl Canzanella, LUTCF Brokerage Director with MassMutual shares her husband’s journey through active addiction, road to recovery and his final battle lost to overdose. By exposing the horrific realities of the opioid epidemic, her mission is to educate the financial services industry on how this epidemic is not only ripping families apart emotionally but also financially by diminishing careers and draining financial assets. Join us to learn how the opioid crisis is becoming part of the financial planning discussion, the impacts to your business, why she thinks things are about to get worse before it gets better and what you can do to prepare.



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