If you think developing leaders is expensive, try operating without them! Participation in the Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) is a way to ensure your association’s future success. Graduates commit to two years of association service, thereby ensuring a high-quality pool of leaders for the future. As alumni become association leaders, associations can expect to be more successful at reaching their goals.

As a Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) student, you will:

·  Encounter the very best in leadership and personal development thinking as presented by outstanding leaders

·  Learn at a highly accelerated rate while surrounded by highly motivated peers

·  Engage in deep introspection and deal with topics such as time management, vision and mission statements, business plans, and ways to create deeper, more meaningful relationships

Every aspect of your life may be affected by LILI. Each relationship – family, business or social – can be improved by the tools, knowledge and experience gained through participation in the program. As you apply LILI principles, you will grow emotionally, intellectually and professionally. LILI creates a culture – a unique learning environment – that encourages you to bring out the best in yourself, and then apply what you learn across each facet of your life.