Message from the President

Welcome to a new decade and the 130th anniversary of NAIFA!

I’m delighted to have taken the office of President of NAIFA-Ohio and will loyally serve you for the next two years. We come into the new decade as an entirely new NAIFA. If you weren’t aware, the membership voted to restructure NAIFA from a federated model of 600 different legal entities with different dues, programs & processes to one new association that has a home office, 50 state chapters and 40 local chapters with a unified brand and voice. This new structure went into effect January 1, 2019 and I cannot applaud Mark Bauman enough for his stewardship during this time of transition.

A New NAIFA-Ohio

What does the new structure mean to NAIFA-Ohio? What does the future look like for NAIFA-Ohio? How will we celebrate our 130 year history? How will we continue to advocate for Ohioan financial services professionals and protect our clients? How will NAIFA-Ohio showcase itself to the rest of NAIFA Nation? These are the questions that are now before us and these are the questions that we need to solve. Our new NAIFA tagline is “Together We Can Take on Anything” and I am asking you to get involved this year because we are redesigning NAIFA-Ohio.

Growing NAIFA-Ohio

With a new structure, we have new ways to work together as One Ohio. We have new opportunities to put great programs together as One Ohio. We have nothing but growth potential. Did you know that we estimate that there are over 100,000 licensed professionals in Ohio that could be our members, yet we have less than 1,000? How much growth opportunity is that?! We already have more new members this month than we have in years. What’s the difference? We now have a brand, we have great programs and we are connecting it with what most of us care the most about in Ohio—advocacy. But the biggest difference in membership growth is that we’ve started to ask people again to belong to their professional association.

Belonging to Your Professional Association

In fact, Kevin Mayeux, CEO of NAIFA, is on a nationwide speaking tour to talk about the lost culture of belonging and why individuals need to belong to industry professional associations. Kevin will visit us on April 7, 2020 for our Sales Congress and Legislative Lunch. We have put together a power-packed speaker line-up to bring advisors from all over Ohio to not just hear from heavy hitters like Van Mueller, John Wheeler, Juli McNeely & Ryan Pinney, but to also bring them into the critical advocacy work that our members do at a state and federal level.

The Impact of NAIFA-Ohio

Did you know that after NAIFA members met with Congressional leaders in May 2019 that the House passed the SECURE Act a week later? Did you know that when NAIFA members met with Congressional leaders in December 2019 that a week later the SECURE Act was signed into law? NAIFA’s impact is massive! However, for us to have a strong impact in Washington, we need to be the strongest Ohio we can be. That’s why I’m asking you to join me on April 7th in Columbus to talk about our state advocacy efforts and join me in Washington on May 20th to go to Capitol Hill.

And when it comes to politics, I don’t need to point out the obvious to anyone that lives in Ohio—we’re kind of a big deal. We need to bring more financial services professionals together to ensure a friendly regulatory environment for our businesses and our clients’ and then bond together with other states to ensure the same at a federal level. Strong state, strong nation.

Make the Ask

The question I have for every potential member is this: do you want to guess about what the future looks like for your business, or do you want to be a part of the process? The question I have for each of you as current members is this: how strong can Ohio be?

It’s time to start asking again.

I’m available to talk and meet with any of our current members and I will say the same for any of our volunteer leaders who are serving in board positions at the state or local chapter level. I look forward to building a strong Ohio together and celebrating our 130th anniversary of this great association that we love.


Duane Borcherding

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